Espresso or Coffee, What is the best start to the day?

Used to be that the best part of getting up in the morning was a cup of coffee. Right now you probably have a coffee company jingle in your head. Sorry about that. These days there are an almost endless supply of coffee shops, coffee bars, can coffee stands. Not to mention all the home brew espresso makers.

What is the best way to start your day, coffee or espresso?

Coffee is the most basic, and easiest to make, and it is easy on the pocketbook. Most home coffee makers can be prepped in the evening and set to start brewing in the morning when you are in the shower. This makes being a morning coffee drinker very easy. There are also so many different types of beans and roasts, you could have many different flavors though out the year to spice things up, including some holiday flavors. Then there are the creamers. Coffeemate makes a great line of coffee creamers to add to your morning coffee to adjust how strong you might want your coffee, and sweeten it up, and give it even more various flavors.

Then there is espresso. Used to be that espresso was just a European and rich people thing. But since the opening of Starbuck so many years ago, it is now just as common as a standard cup of joe. Today there is a Starbucks on every 4th corner, or so it seems, along with Dutch Bros. and countless other drive thru coffee stands. They offer black coffee, hot chocolate for kids, iced coffees, and a wide range of flavors and specialty mixes that baristas experiment with all day long.

A quick look on Amazon will show you that you can buy your own espresso machine from $100 (sometimes even less) up to full commercial grade machines to set up your own personal coffee bar in your home or office. All you need is a little espresso beans, a grinder, some milk, and some flavors and you get to be your own private Java Jocky. This option takes a little more time, and a little more expense. It is still cheaper than $5 every morning at the local coffee drive thru.

Well, none of that truly answered the question, Which is a better way to start your morning? In my humble opinion, I think it really depends on who you are. As for me, I want to make my own special flavored espresso. I enjoy taking the time to make my drink before I leave the house. I also am one of those folks who adds up how much I’m spending at the drive thru and thinking about how I can keep more of that in my pocket. So, my vote is espresso. But I know and work with others, who just want the Java in the mug, maybe a little creamer for flavor. Either way, having a cup of espresso or a cup of coffee is the best way to start your day.

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Steel toe boots for the workplace: buyer’s guide


For some, wearing protective clothing is a mandatory part of their everyday work. It can include anything from high-visibility trousers,jackets and vests, thermal gloves and hats insulating the body from low temperatures to anti-slip footwear and protective glasses. Workers across many fields are required by safety laws and regulations to wear steel toe boots. Although this undoubtedly helps protect their well-being and minimizes the chance for injury, it can still be tiresome to wear protective shoes for long of time.

When considering what model of safety footwear to get, keep in mind the following:

  • Purpose: your shoes have to be well-adjusted to the special conditions you work in or are expected to face in the field (humidity, freezing temperatures, heat or fire).
  • Individual fit: make the shoe work not only for the task at hand, but also for you. Are they made of high-quality materials that don’t cause you discomfort with prolonged wear and don’t tire your feet unnecessarily? Investing more up front for a pair that truly feels good is also an investment in your health.

Why steel toe boots?

They offer the highest level of protection among all other types of safety footwear (aluminum toe boots and composite toe boots). If you have to protect yourself against potential falling of heavy objects or hits and bumps, this is the style you should aim for. These boots get another vote because they are not sensitive to any kind of weather extreme, so you need only one pair for both hot and cold conditions.

What tasks do they have?

In addition to protecting from falls and hits, steel toe boots also:

  • Insulate your foot and protect you from excessive heat, cold and humidity
  • Secure and support your feet to prevent risk of injuries, fatigue and health issues that can arise as a result of prolonged bad posture, standing or walking
  • Work to protect your whole body by distributing heavy weight and shocks evenly across all joints and back

Steel toe boots can be made of a variety of materials. Leather is a traditional natural option. Various combinations of synthetic materials are used more and more thanks to their protective properties and high endurance.

We already said in the beginning that fit matters. The insoles and outsoles of your boots are a big part of what makes them not only comfortable, but the right choice for your workplace and needs. If you walk a lot, flexibility and durability of your soles should be a top priority.

Did you know that Timberland, the leading American brand of quality leather footwear, produces several models of safety boots? If you’re looking for something more lightweight, their Men’s Basic Contrast Color Boot (think their classic mustard yellow and brown color combination) is good both for running errands and your business. Timberland Pro Titan Safety Toe Boot is your choice if you need a superb steel toe boot, suitable for all weather conditions, non-slip and offering a 30-day return policy (called Comfort Guarantee).

Emerald Isle

Emerald Isle is a town that is situated in the county of Carteret in North Carolina, United States. This town covers an area of five square miles and has a population of around thirty-seven hundred residents. There are sixteen hundred households and eleven hundred families in the town. The population density of the town is six hundred and sixty-five people per square mile. The racial makeup of the town can be broken down in the following manner; ninety-six percent are Caucasian, eight tenths of a percent are African American, a half of a percent are Native American, a half of a percent are Asian and one percent are of multiple races. The average median age of the residents of the town are fifty years old and there are one hundred and five males for every one hundred females.

From the sixth century to colonial times, the area on which Emerald Isle is located was home to various Native American tribes. Eventually, white settlers moved to the area and the majority of them were fisherman and whalers. During the 1920s, Henry Fort tried to open a summer resort in the area, but the plans never came to fruition. During the 1950s, seven people purchased the twelve mile stretch of island and sliced it up into fifty four blocks. In the 1960s ferry services began to Emerald Isle and in 1971, the Cameron Langston Bridge was opened. Today, visitors are attracted to the beautiful area. One of the most popular attractions are the beaches of this community. All of the beaches here have southern exposures that allow visitors to get an excellent view of both the sunrise and the sunset. There are miles of beaches to enjoy that have warm waters and are devoid of the commercialization that many other beaches have. At the western portion of the island is Point Beach. This is a great location to take out a kayak or enjoy great views of the Atlantic Ocean, Bear Island, Bogue Sound and Bogue Inlet.

Another popular attraction on Emerald Isle is Hammocks Beach State Park. This beach park covers an area of eleven hundred acres and consists of Bear Island, Huggins Island and Jones Island. Bear Island is three miles long and has an extensive system of dunes. Other key features of the island include a marsh, thicket and a maritime forest. This island is extremely popular with boaters and campers. Most of the island is wild and undisturbed and contains a variety of different animals. Despite its name, it doesn’t contain any bears, however. Between Bear Island and the mainland is located Huggins Island. This island is one hundred and ten acres and has a lot of forest. On the western end of the island is a marsh and from this location the town of Swansboro can be seen. A small island just off of the coast of Huggins is known as Shark Tooth Island. This island received its name from the large number of shark teeth that has washed upon its shore. Another island is located at the mouth of White Oak River and is named Jones Island. The northern end of the island has evergreen forest. The island has a population of birds that include painted buntings, which are considered to be rare in the North Carolina area.

Another popular attraction in the area of Emerald Isle is North Carolina Aquariums. This is a system of three public aquariums which are located at Kure Beach, Roanoke Island and Pine Knoll Shores. All three of these aquariums are run by the Aquariums Division of the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources. These aquariums were opened in 1976 and feature feeding programs, animal encounters and dive shows. The aquarium at Fort Fisher features frogs, bass, catfish and snakes. It also has an exhibit of box turtles and alligators that are native to the area. At the hands on exhibit, visitors can hold horseshoe crabs, sea urchins and other native animal life. It has a two hundred thousand salt water aquarium that contains a large variety of saltwater fish and marine life. There is also a five hundred and fifty gallon Pacific Reef Display that contains giant clams, sea anemones, living coral, surgeon fish, cardinal fish, wrasses, clown fish and dozens of other marine life. Other features of the aquarium include the Open Oceans Gallery, Coastal Waters Gallery, Sharkstooth Ledge and the Spadefish Sculpture.

Fort Macon State Park is another prominent attraction in the Emerald Isle area. This state park is situated in Carteret County and is near Atlantic Beach. It was opened in 1936 and receive over one and a half million visitors each and every year. The park covers an area of three hundred and eighty nine acres and was the site of the Battle of Fort Macon in April of 1862. The fort that is located here has been fully restored and is available to the public. There are also ranger guided tours, nature trails, a swim area, bathhouse and surf fishing. This state park surrounds the United States Coast Guard Base Fort Macon.