How to store your clothes

Having organized clothing storage can save you a lot of time in the mornings. And while picking out your clothes for the day from a messy pile on the floor can seem ‘artistic’ and ‘creative’ to some, most of us would benefit from having clothes organized in a logical way.

Storing your clothes properly will not only allow you to dress more efficiently, but it will also save the quality of the various fabrics and garments. Some general rules about storing clothing are as follows:

  • clean the clothes before you put them away – you don’t want the smell of sweat to permeate through to your other clothes
  • keep them in a dry and cool space – the right storage location should not be too warm or humid to keep the mold away; it should also be dark to prevent the color from fading
  • repair clothes before storing them – there is nothing wrong then finding a hole in your favorite t-shirt because you didn’t repair it the first time you noticed it and then promptly put it back into the closet

Short term storage

For clothes you use every day, such as underwear or light t-shirts, it is best to store them in easy to access places. For example, make sure to divide your socks into pairs before you put them away in a drawer or a storage box. Storing loose socks is a sure way to waste time when getting dressed.

A good trick for storing t-shirts, tank tops, and pants is folding them and keeping them standing upright so that you can clearly see from above what piece of clothing you are looking at. Most people store their clothes neatly on top of one another and there is nothing wrong with that but from my own experience, it is just too easy to destroy the integrity of the neat pile when pulling something from the bottom of it. You could also hang everything but not everyone has enough closet space for that.

By storing your clothes upright, you can save a lot of space if you have limited storage. Clothes set up like that can easily fit into any drawer or a box that can then be put away under the bed.

Long term storage

But what about items that you only wear once a year or maybe even less? These include garments like heavy winter coats, suits, or fancy dresses.

Before you start searching for a place to store them in, consider if they really are worth it. It may be tempting to keep clothes purely for their sentimental value but it can become a huge waste of space.

There is nothing more devastating then opening up your closet only to find out that half of it was eaten away by moths. This can often happen with clothes that you don’t commonly use. By the time you notice it, all of your favorites pieces will be full of holes. To prevent that use protective garment bags. You can get them anywhere. For example, Garment Bag Walmart has many quality garment bag that will keep your clothes safe. Avoid plastic bags and opt for breathable alternatives.