Steel toe boots for the workplace: buyer’s guide


For some, wearing protective clothing is a mandatory part of their everyday work. It can include anything from high-visibility trousers,jackets and vests, thermal gloves and hats insulating the body from low temperatures to anti-slip footwear and protective glasses. Workers across many fields are required by safety laws and regulations to wear steel toe boots. Although this undoubtedly helps protect their well-being and minimizes the chance for injury, it can still be tiresome to wear protective shoes for long of time.

When considering what model of safety footwear to get, keep in mind the following:

  • Purpose: your shoes have to be well-adjusted to the special conditions you work in or are expected to face in the field (humidity, freezing temperatures, heat or fire).
  • Individual fit: make the shoe work not only for the task at hand, but also for you. Are they made of high-quality materials that don’t cause you discomfort with prolonged wear and don’t tire your feet unnecessarily? Investing more up front for a pair that truly feels good is also an investment in your health.

Why steel toe boots?

They offer the highest level of protection among all other types of safety footwear (aluminum toe boots and composite toe boots). If you have to protect yourself against potential falling of heavy objects or hits and bumps, this is the style you should aim for. These boots get another vote because they are not sensitive to any kind of weather extreme, so you need only one pair for both hot and cold conditions.

What tasks do they have?

In addition to protecting from falls and hits, steel toe boots also:

  • Insulate your foot and protect you from excessive heat, cold and humidity
  • Secure and support your feet to prevent risk of injuries, fatigue and health issues that can arise as a result of prolonged bad posture, standing or walking
  • Work to protect your whole body by distributing heavy weight and shocks evenly across all joints and back

Steel toe boots can be made of a variety of materials. Leather is a traditional natural option. Various combinations of synthetic materials are used more and more thanks to their protective properties and high endurance.

We already said in the beginning that fit matters. The insoles and outsoles of your boots are a big part of what makes them not only comfortable, but the right choice for your workplace and needs. If you walk a lot, flexibility and durability of your soles should be a top priority.

Did you know that Timberland, the leading American brand of quality leather footwear, produces several models of safety boots? If you’re looking for something more lightweight, their Men’s Basic Contrast Color Boot (think their classic mustard yellow and brown color combination) is good both for running errands and your business. Timberland Pro Titan Safety Toe Boot is your choice if you need a superb steel toe boot, suitable for all weather conditions, non-slip and offering a 30-day return policy (called Comfort Guarantee).

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